Marsh and Associates

Comprehensive Surveys

Marsh and Associates has conducted a number of intensive and reconnaissance surveys for local governments and for private clients. Vincent Marsh has been the author and co-author of a number of comprehensive surveys and has supervised and managed the work of consultants on a number of surveys in San Francisco, Sacramento, CA.

The purpose of a survey is to inventory, evaluate and document important properties to determine whether they are eligible for local, state or national registers. Comprehensive Survey Work generally involves the preparation of Context Statements (a Statement of Significance) and may lead to local and/or historic district nominations.

Marsh and Associatess has the ability to assemble Teams as needed for small and large scaled Comprehensive Survey Projects and has experience in writing proposals, contract negotiation and management and meeting the unique requirements of funding source.

Surveys recently completed by Vincent Marsh include a preliminary survey of the Outer Richmond District Context Statement and Survey, a preliminary survey of the Upper Market and Castro District. Other surveys include the supervision and management of eight different surveys for the City of Sacramento and project approvals for a number of historic district surveys for the City of San Francisco, California.


City of Sacramento Cultural Resources identified through Comprehensive Surveys. The Preservation Element of the City of Sacramento provides for a number of objectives, policies and implementation procedures related to Comprehensive Surveys. This document won an award from the California Preservation Foundation.