Marsh & Associates - Historical Presservation Consultants

Vincent Marsh, Principal of Marsh and Associates is a qualified architectural historian and preservation planner who has extensive experience in the public and private sectors in fields of historic preservation, city planning and urban design.

In 2004, Vincent established a preservation planning consulting firm of Marsh and Associates. As a consultant, he has worked individually, with colleagues on multi-disciplinary teams and as a Senior Associate with Lerner and Associates, Preservation Architects on a number of projects in San Francisco, the Bay Area and California. Marsh and Associates is a sole proprietorship certified by the Human Rights Commission as a Local Business Enterprise (LBE) providing Architectural, including Historical and Conservator Services.

Vincent Marsh meets the Professional Qualifications Standards for the Architectural History classification as found in 36 CFR Part 800 of the Federal Regulations. In addition, Vincent Marsh is listed on the Register of Professional Historians under No. 589 with the California Council for the Promotion of History (CCPH).



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